Percheron Plastic Inc.

Plastic Tanks Supplier expanding into non-toxic Firestraw and an unscented, high quality Paraffin Wax.


About Percheron Plastic

Matt Tanguay and Eric Quane of Percheron Plastic Inc. work with multiple leading plastic storage tank manufacturers, offering customization and fitting options. Percheron Plastic Inc. will ensure the order meets your full expectations from the first phone call to project completion. They give you the widest selection of products and always aim to develop and maintain successful long-term relationships, simply reach out and contact Matt and Eric to get your job done.

Percheron Plastic Inc. has recently grown their product line with the development of their Firestraw fire starters and FDA-approved multi-use Paraffin Wax, now available on Amazon. Firestraw is a non-toxic fire starter that comes perfectly bundled for campfires or fire places, and has a clean burn that lasts for 5-7 minutes. The secret is the thin coating of the high quality Paraffin Wax, causing the flame to burn longer and become more sustainable through the weather and outdoor elements. Paraffin Wax is available on Amazon in four easy-to-break bars, or granulated form.

Eric Quane is one co-founder of Percheron Plastic with a demonstrated history of working in the fitness and manufacturing industry and an entrepreneurial professional. Eric holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science from the University of Guelph, and is the owner of three other businesses currently in Quebec and Ontario.

With twenty years experience manufacturing polyethylene plastic tanks, Matt Tanguay has a passion for helping others and delivering nothing but top quality for his customers. Matt has a diploma from Durham College from the CAD/CADD Design Technician program, and continues to delivery many projects to be proud of.